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Dead Rising 3: Arcade Remix – How to Unlock Every Costume


Go cosplaying with the cast of Dead Rising in the 31st Anniversary DLC.

Dead Rising 3: Arcade Remix – Capcom Arcade Cabinets Locations


Take a nostalgic trip through Capcom’s past with these hidden classic arcade cabinet locations.

Dead Rising 3: Top 10 Best Combo Weapons [Video]


See Mitch’s picks for the best combo weapons — how to build them, and where to get the blueprints.

Dead Rising 3: How to Level Fast – PP Exploit Guide [Video]


Get to level 50 with ease with our easy PP-earning video guide.

Dead Rising 3 Cheats


Nick wishes he could cover wars, too.

Dead Rising 3: Super Combos – Recipes & Blueprints Locations


Build the biggest and baddest combos in Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3: Combo Vehicles – Recipes & Blueprints Locations


Go Mad Max on the denizens of the outbreak.

Dead Rising 3: Combo Weapons – Recipes & Blueprints Locations


Splatter the zombie hordes with these creative combo weapons in Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3 at a Glance