Dead Space

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Dead Space; an adventure through space hell. A alien parasitic life form has transformed the majority of crew members of the USG Ishimura into violent, monstrous mutations. Where the only hope of survival is one of the crew members, an engineer, Isaac Clarke. Conserve ammo and med-kits and attempt to repair crucial parts of the ship to find a way off it. Melee ability is limited, a weak human can only hope to knock these creatures back long enough to reload or run. They are highly resistant to normal organ damage, there weakness is dismemberment. Severing just their head isn't enough.

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  • Thanoshld Thanoshld

    One of the best games I've played in years.

    3 +
  • hakaru-x hakaru-x

    i wish there was a mod to replace the monsters with aliens from the alien saga

  • Seiko.7 Seiko.7

    this game has only four words for description:this game is awesome.nuff said,i'm even playing it right now.;p

    2 +
  • Rivel_Knight Rivel_Knight

    AN AWESOME GAME good graphics and demonic zombies, plus the PLASMA CUTTER.

  • HaydenB HaydenB

    ... I was hoping to see some mods.... hmmm

    14 +
  • TheUnabridgedGamer TheUnabridgedGamer

    ...that's not the boxshot and was this put together by some random person? The game deserves better than this.

    8 +