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Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is Coming to PC


Swery65′s adventure game masterpiece is headed to the PC.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Coming


Includes new features.

SWERY Implies Deadly Premonition 2 Is A Thing


But is it?

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut Coming to American PS3s


Life is beautiful!

The Games of 2010 That You Might Not Have Played (But Should at Least Try)


They’re not Halo: Reach. These games are actually interesting.

Gamefront 2010: Funniest Games


It’s naht a humah!

GameFront 2011: What We Hope To See In Gaming In the Coming Year


We’re shooting for the stars, here, and none of this s–t is going to happen, but let us hope, damn you.

Deadly Premonition at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Access Games
  • Publisher: Ignition Entertainment