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De/Ascend is a futuristic time trial based racing game. Inspired by games like Wipeout and Trackmania, De/Ascend creates a fresh and vibrant looking game with fun basic gameplay elements, something that has been lacking in the racing genre according to the developers. The game is built in Unity 4 in 3 months time by 3 students (one artist, programmer and sounddesigner) and features 1 track and 1 vehicle, though gameplay value is added with the track and car both being avaiable in 4 variations. Being made as a graduation project, the game will probably no longer be worked on when the demo is finnished, unless there is huge interest for this to be continued. So any feedback and comments are very much appriciated. The game is currently in it's last phase of development, with the GUI being finnished and the latest finnishing touches being added to the visuals and sound. Playable demo will go live at the end of April. Thank you for your time, the De/Ascend team.

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  • Rekrul Rekrul

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just tried this. It looks and sounds great, but as a game, it's kind of lacking.

    I'm posting this in the hope that you will use this information in any future projects you might make, since it seems like this one will never be developed any further.

    I dislike that the race ends so abruptly. You cross a certain point and there's no slowdown, it just ends. It's jarring. It would have been better to have the car coast to a stop after crossing the finish line. I also would have liked a circular track with the option of racing a variable number of laps, rather than a point-to-point track.

    As others have said, there were too many times when the car stopped dead when hitting a wall, rather than scraping along it.

    On the subject of the car stopping, I can't express enough how much I ***HATE*** racing games that switch to a reverse angle when backing up. I know that developers do it under the delusion that it somehow helps the player, but it actually makes things HARDER because the directions are reversed. It's disorienting and it makes me want to smash the screen every time I have to deal with it.

    More game customization options would be welcome. I know Unity gives you generic options at the start, but these are a poor substitute for actual, in-game options, like changing the controls.

    I also hate that Unity games leave all their setting in the registry. After trying out some Unity games, I have a dozen new registry entries for software that I may never use again. I like that Unity games don't need to be installed, but I wish they would provide some kind of a cleanup option so that they wouldn't just keep polluting the registry.

  • Minotauri Minotauri

    I have to agree with Ecclesiaste. Your game looks and sounds great, however, I hate when my car stops against the wall so that I must reverse to keep going. You should really keep improving this fine game!

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  • Ecclesiaste Ecclesiaste

    I've tried your game, and I liked it. I think you should improve the speed sensation and the fact that the car is to often stopped by the walls if we hit them, instead of sliding on them. Apart from those little gameplay corrections, some more tracks would be welcomed. Hope you'll got lot of interest to provide us some patches ^^.

  • ToastCrumbley ToastCrumbley

    This looks astounding! I can't wait for the release! ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^

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  • fynntelford fynntelford

    dude the game looks sick i have been following this on the unity forums and have been amazed at what you are doing.

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