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Defenders of the Last Colony is a 2D Shooter with Strategy gameplay mechanics, where you have to protect the Colony's core while you gather resources and build defenses. You play as one of the 2 classes: Fighter or Engineer. Fighters focus on gun power while Engineers can build more structures (like turrets, repair platforms...). The game is coop up to 4 players. Besides is strategy component DOTLC is a fast paced arcade with lots of content to unlock, like retro modes, challenges and awards. 4 pilots 2 ship classes 12 worlds to explore 3 retro modes 30 challenges 15 awards Cooperative gameplay Survival mode HD graphics STORY The Starians came from nowhere, decimating the colonies as they passed. Only one colony survived, carrying four prototype ships they are travelling to save what it's left of the other colonies, and taking as many Starians as they can on their way.

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  • Soyeong Soyeong

    Everything was going fine in the campaign until I got to the Calypso mission. It takes me so long to kill the big ships that by the time I shoot one down, two or three more have spawned and are firing at and/or colliding with my colony. The only way I can survive for any length of time is by intentionally colliding with them when they spawn, but this leaves me with too little life to survive the second half of the mission. My special can help to take a few ships down too, but it doesn't take long before they spawn more and I'm stuck with the same problem. I try to lay down a ring of shields around my colony, but it doesn't take them very many shots to punch a hole through it. I tried starting over with a Defender, but the ships just collide with the turrets I set up and destroy them before they do any good. What am I doing wrong?

  • Knittepixels Knittepixels Creator

    Want to take a look at our next game?

    it's called EXILED
    it's a beat'm up 2.5D action platformer, about a renegade demon who is seeking vengeance in Hel

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  • Caine123 Caine123

    can you play this as single player?

    • KnittedPixels KnittedPixels

      Hi Caine, yes. You can play the campaign mode "solo" or co-op and also you can play all the unlockable modes by yourself.

      Thanks for tracking!

  • Knittepixels Knittepixels Creator

    Latest patch is up and working fine in every computer we have tested,
    also the Xbox 360 version is working fine so far

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    • Shaori Shaori

      I updated today and it works now for me. Thank you for fixing the bug, but i have to agree with Logan2002, it really took a long time. Anyways, thanks again, good luck with the game.

  • cybersleuth58 cybersleuth58

    I cannot get it to work on XBox 360 either. It crashes before it even starts. What's up with that?

    • Knittepixels Knittepixels Creator

      It's already been patched on 360, try to run it and say yes to the update

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    • maniac_esp maniac_esp

      That's weird, I got it on xbox 360 too and works perfectly and a few friends of mine also got it and works fine too.

      What version of xbox do you have?

  • Knittepixels Knittepixels Creator

    I'm uploading a new version (I believed the crash was caused by a Gamer Services component in the initialization), meanwhile if you want it to work you can install the developer version of XNA (instead of the redistributable version, which is what the setup install).

    XNA Game Studio: