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Desert Stormfront is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game situated in the Middle East. You play on hot desert landscapes for power and oil. Units at your disposal include Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, Mechanics, Helicopters, Planes, Ships and Submarines amongst others. Desert Stormfront supports multiplayer games over LAN and Internet including co-op multiplayer.

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  • jkirchner jkirchner

    I am trying to run it on Ubuntu 13.10 64bit, the launcher opens, updates, then says launching and then nothing. I tried launching from terminal as well, no errors, just app closes.

    I did scroll through the log you mention...I am not a java programmer so no help there for me. I see a null pointer error...

  • noblemaster noblemaster Creator

    I just uploaded a bugfix which will fix blank/black screens for players using Intel HD graphics cards. Just run the game - will be auto-pached.

    If you have any problems, please message me with details. I cannot fix problems I don't know about or don't have any details. If you can, please include the log file: <userhome>/.config/tropicalstormfront/bin/launcher.log

  • TheVole TheVole

    Hey I purchased both desert stormfront + tropical stormfront for my android device.

    But Just wondering do I have to re-buy both/either game for my P.C to if I wish to play them on said P.C?

  • Zorder Zorder

    I'm having trouble playing the demo after the launcher finishes checking it says "Launching" and then it opens a window but it closes in a split second. Any ideas whats causing this?

    • noblemaster noblemaster Creator

      Can you send me the log file? What operating system are you on?

      2 +
      • Zorder Zorder

        Don't worry, I got this covered by now. My last computer was on his last breaths so that was what was causing it to crash, thanks anywasy ;)

  • poopsweet poopsweet

    why can't i play it?i pressed the tutorial and nothing happens,but the game closed.

    • noblemaster noblemaster Creator

      can you send me the log file? It's located in:

      Your <userhome> is "~" on Linux/Mac and something like "C:\Users\<username>" on Windows.

      2 +
  • Camurunac Camurunac

    Ok, new buy in process...

  • FindMuck FindMuck

    I love the graphical style and the color schemes.

    Downloading the demo now :)