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Destiny Online

Once upon a time, the world is dominated by Apofis. He claimed himself as the messenger of sun. One day, he used his horrendous power to make 9 giant fire balls and hung them up on the sky. All plants were burning. Lakes were drying. People were crying. Death is everywhere. Life is in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, there came a hero named Illios. He started to produce 9 arrows with the distillate of the nature. 49 days later, he started his adventure with those magical arrows.

The fight with Apofis was cruel. Illios used all his power to shoot that 9 giant fire balls down. They became 9 golden plumes as soon as they were shot. The world finally cooled down. People saw a flying heroical Illios grasped 9 golden plumes in his hand while fighting against the evil Apofis. They called those plumes “suncrows” and they believe that was the source of Illiose’s braveness.

Unfortunately, shooting down those fire balls cost most of Illios’ energy, he felt himself was falling. So he collected all his left power gave Apofis the final strike. He died together with Apofis eventually. The world finally returned from chaos.

Those 9 golden plumes fell to the earth with Illios. Nobody knows their whereabouts. But everybody believes in their magic power and the braveness it can bring.

Over thousands of years, the search of those 9 suncrows never ended. People tried and failed but they never given up.

The Taoist, who believe themselves discern the secret of nature; the Swordmen, who know better than anyone else how to use weapon; the Warriors who are believed as Illiose’s offspring; the Priest, who live as hermits and good in curing people; the Mage, who have unbelievable magic power; everybody on the earth tries to find those mysterious suncrows.

A journey with no end has just begun. Are you ready for it? Find the suncrows, fulfill the legend, gain the true power and be the true hero.

The best is yet to come…

Destiny Online at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Ingle Games Ltd.
  • Publisher: Ingle Games Ltd.