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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: The Fall Coming to Steam in March


Meanwhile, on mobile devices… Deus Ex fans have been touch controlling Ben Saxon since last summer. PC gamers will get…

Square Enix Revises Strategy, Focuses Eidos on Online Games


Good news, everyone! Wait. No. Not at all.

Upgrade to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut


Before we boldly journey into the new Deus Ex Universe, Eidos Montreal wants to take us on a return trip…

Big Bang — Eidos Montreal Reveals Deus Ex: Universe


Trademark filings outed something called Deus Ex: Universe in September, and like Adam Jensen emerging from the shadows, the project…

Deus Ex: The Fall Might Come to PC, Consoles

Deus Ex The Fall iOS Logo 140x

The Android release of Deus Ex: The Fall is right around the corner, and the developers are thinking about PC…

Eidos Montreal General Manager Stephane D’Astous Resigns


Trouble in paradise.

Square Enix Undergoes Massive Restructuring


Changes are coming.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Coming to PC, Xbox 360, PS3


The title was previously exclusive to the Wii U.

5 Developers We’d Love to See Make LucasArts Games

old republic gunslinger thumb

The force is strong with these developers.

We Found Five Good April Fool’s Gags. We Think.



Eidos Announces Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation Remix Album


OC ReMix and the original composer of Deus Ex are putting together a remix album.

Deus Ex: Human Defiance Is A Movie, Not A Game


Deus Ex: Human Defiance is the movie title. It’s not the name of the sequel.

Listen to Game Front’s Ultimate Game Music Playlist on Spotify

ultimate game music playlist thumb

We made some playlists we think you might enjoy. Check ‘em out and add your own favorite tracks.

Square Enix Trademarks What Could Be a New Deus Ex Game


Is Adam Jensen returning?

Fan-Made Deus Ex: Human Revolution Short Looks Awesome (VID)

dxhr dcode thumb

This looks pretty great.

The Video Game Guide To Surviving Black Friday


Level up and claim your discounts, warriors.

Storytime: Other Games Could Learn From Black Ops 2′s Endings

blops 2 woods thumb

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gets one thing right with its endings — they take into account your actions throughout the game.

How Mass Effect 4 Can Be Great, in 5 Steps


We think it’s possible, though things have to break just so…

The London Phil Is Doing Another Video Game Album


And the Oxford English Dictionary is about to add ‘PWN’.

Dishonored’s Lone Pseudo-Boss Fight is Its Best Moment

dishonored empress thumb

The developers might be right to avoid boss fight tropes, but the one big fight of the game is a great moment.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution at a Glance