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Jay Wilson Apologizes For That F-bomb Aimed At Dave Brevik


It’s loooong.

Jay Wilson Allegedly Says of Diablo 1/2 Dev: “F*ck That Loser”


How professional.

The History of Blizzard Game Review Scores and the Magic 90%


Are reviewers leery of rating Blizzard games less than 90%?

Blizzard Launches Diablo 15th Anniversary Site


Dig into the history of the series and try not to hate your friends currently enjoying the Diablo 3 beta.

Daily Independent: Dungeons of Dredmor


It is hilarious, and surprisingly engaging for what is essentially a ‘roided-out phone game.

BlizzCon 2011 Afterparties Already in Planning


Blizzard fans are just that devoted.

Diablo at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment