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Dishonored Updated to 1.3, Fixes Bugs and Adds DLC Support


Arkane Studios’ Dishonored has gotten a major update ahead of the DLC release next week.

5 Developers We’d Love to See Make LucasArts Games

old republic gunslinger thumb

The force is strong with these developers.

We Found Five Good April Fool’s Gags. We Think.



Dishonored Isn’t Steampunk: Arkane Talks Dunwall Origins


Dishonored’s art director explains how Dunwall came to be what it is.

Dishonored Dev: Singleplayer Isn’t Dying


Squelch the doomsayers.

Dishonored ‘Knife of Dunwall’ DLC Hands-On Preview: In Daud’s Shoes


Step into the shoes of Dunwall’s most famous assassin.

Ubisoft Revives Might & Magic


Ubisoft is bringing Might & Magic back from absentia.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Announced


Stab more people in Dishonored’s first story DLC.

Fallout 3, Dishonored, Morrowind Soundtracks Now on iTunes

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New (old) soundtracks!

Comment of the Week: Your Politics Defeated By Car Change

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Oh no, a new tax on games?! Oh, of 1 percent? Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Digital Sales Rise for GameStop in Holiday 2012, While Resales Fall

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Sales to PC players are strong, though — might that cause a shift in GameStop’s focus?

GamersGate to Honor Erroneous Holiday Sale Deals, Offer Discounts


Digital distribution site makes good.

Steam Holiday Sale Extended Through Weekend

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You second chance is coming this weekend!

Grab Dishonored, Darksiders 2 and More During Steam Holiday Sale

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Take advantage of holiday deals.

Game Front’s 2012 Arbitrary Awards


Here at Game Front, as at many outlets, we come up with our favorite games in a variety of categories…

Game Front’s Game of the Year 2012

gameoftheyearawards thumb

Game Front’s top five games of the year, plus the top 10 games as chosen by readers.

Dishonored ‘Dunwall City Trials’ DLC Review: Worthy Challenges

dishonored dunwall city trials thumb

Dunwall City Trials is a challenge mode that’s right at home in Dishonored, and adds a lot to the game.

Why Don’t Gamers Finish Games?


An analysis of the mythical 10 percent completion rate and whether shorter games is the answer.

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Guide


Get our tips for completing these ten challenge maps like a true assassin.

Game Front’s 2012 Game, Indie & Mod of the Year Nominees


See our nominees, and place your vote!

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