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Dishonored’s Lone Pseudo-Boss Fight is Its Best Moment

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The developers might be right to avoid boss fight tropes, but the one big fight of the game is a great moment.

Join the Break Media Movember Team and Win!


It’s time to grow your moustache and support a worthy cause!

Dishonored Creator Harvey Smith Not Sure If He Wants a Sequel

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Maybe no sequel would be good.

Video Shows Off Many Ways to Kill Lady Boyle in Dishonored

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Some options for taking out one of your targets.

Navigate Dishonored with This Smartphone Map App

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If you’ve got $2.99 and a need for a map in Dishonored, this could help.

There Is A Possible Fix For Dishonored Crash Error


Hopefully it works.

Dishonored Writer Thinks Gordon Freeman Is “Creepy As Hell”


Believes Corvo is handled better.

Dishonored Stealth Guide: How to Play Without Killing Anyone


Take the path of lesser evil in Dishonored.

Dishonored: King of the World Achievement Guide [Video]


Climb to the highest point in Dishonored with Mitch.

Dishonored: How to Find the Thief Easter Egg


Assassins learn from a real stealth master in this Dishonored Easter Egg.

Bethesda to Announce Dishonored DLC Plans; “No Plans for DLC ‘Exclusives’”


But there probably will be DLC.

Dishonored: Well Mannered Achievement Guide


Don’t cause a scene in Lady Boyle’s lavish party.

You Can’t Play Hero in Dishonored’s Story – And That’s Good

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You have to be bad (mostly), whether you like it or not.

How to Improve Dishonored with .ini File Tweaks

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Configure your game for maximum awesome.

And Now, The Dishonored Launch Trailer


Watch the killing.

Dishonored: How to Fix “Corrupt Game Files” Error


Simple fix for game-breaking issue.

Dishonored: Art of the Steal Achievement Guide [Video]


Break the art dealer’s combination with our Dishonored achievement guide.

Dishonored: Blueprint Upgrades Locations Guide


Don’t miss these gadget upgrade blueprints scattered throughout Dishonored.

Dishonored: Outsider Shrine Collectible Locations


Find these shrines to illuminate the backstory of Dishonored.

Dishonored: Sokolov Painting Collectible Locations


Become an art collector.

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