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Dishonored Review Roundup: Minds = Blown.

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People love it. And we’re not surprised.

Dishonored: Rune Collectible Locations [Video]


Upgrade your supernatural skills with runes in Dishonored.

Dishonored: Bone Charm Collectible Locations [Video]


Improve your skills with these hidden mystical trinkets in Dishonored.

Watch Our Dishonored Livestream Now!

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Watch Mitch assassinate guys!

Dishonored Review: Revenge is Almost as Good as Freedom

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Dishonored builds on the formula of titles such as Deus Ex, with tons of freedom and often creative combat and exploration.

Game Front’s Dishonored Review Coming Midnight EST Sunday

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Check back for the full review at the end of the weekend.

Check Out Our Dishonored Livestream Sunday!

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Watch Mitch take on Dishonored live!

Everything We Know About Dishonored

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Here’s all the info we’ve gleaned about Dishonored, just in time for its launch.

Dishonored Cheats


Become one with the shadows. Find all of Game Front’s extra coverage for Dishonored right here.

Dishonored Achievements


Become a thief, an art dealer, or a surgeon with Dishonored’s achievements.

Dishonored Trophies


Master the City of Dunwall on the Playstation 3.

Dishonored Walkthrough


Keep your hands clean or become an agent of chaos in your quest for revenge. The choice is up to you.

Interactive Dishonored Vid Lets You Plot Your Course

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Pick your path through an early Dishonored assassination mission.

Dishonored is Gold; Pre-Order For Team Fortress 2 Goodies

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Enter a contest and also pre-order for new gear.

Dishonored’s Tales from Dunwall 3 is About The Mask (VID)

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The final animated short is here.

PSN Will Feature 8 AAA Games For Download At Launch


OK, PSN, all is almost forgiven.

Dishonored ‘Tales from Dunwall’ Episode 2 is Here (VIDEO)

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The stories from Dishonored’s city are pretty much all sad.

Dishonored – The Tales from Dunwall: The Awakening (VID)


Creepy cartoon.

Dishonored Devs Talk About Finishing the Game in Dev Diary

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Learn a little more about Dishonored as it goes into the final weeks before launch.

Dishonored – Developer Documentary Part 3 (VID)


Freeze time, spawn rats, place a mine on the rat, possess the rat and run under a guard’s foot. Boom.

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