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Disney’s Treasure Planet

Disney’s Treasure Planet for PlayStation 2 allows gamers to explore 20 vast intergalactic levels based on the movie with unlockable film clips to gather and store. Gamers take on the role of Jim as they solar surf and perform action moves with the help of Morph who can transform into a variety of items — a Glider, Speedy Boots, Smashing Hammer, Helping Hand, a giant glove that can throw switches, Cyborg Arms that can smash crates and a Jet Pack. Featuring striking CGI (computer generated images), virtual sets enhanced with classic Disney-style animation and a wide variety of video options including Widescreen 4:3, Letterbox, and Anamorphic displays as well as supporting 5.1 Dolby Digital (during the movie clips) and Dolby Pro Logic 2 audio for gameplay, gamers’ senses will be heightened in this intergalactic comedic adventure on PlayStation 2.

Disney's Treasure Planet at a Glance