Divinity: Original Sin


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Welcome back to Rivellon. Return to the days when the realm was young and evil first reared its head. In the wake of a terrible sin, two heroes share one destiny.

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If, heavens forbid, you ended up on the wrong end of a fireball, who'd you most like to meet in the Hall of Echoes?

Feb 17 2017

Over the last year we've had the pleasure to watch concept art become rough animation, which became- ... well, tak… T.co

Feb 16 2017

In #DOS2 you can go to the Hall of Echoes (where souls go when they die). Though we're not sure about getting back.… T.co

Feb 15 2017

Love is in the air! It's also in that bottle. And that charm arrow. And that charm grenade... Boy there's a lot of… T.co

Feb 14 2017

Want to know even more about the game? And why Swens hair went white? Check this out! :P T.co

Feb 13 2017

Blackwood's Bestiary -#106- Lizard folk liken themselves to dragons of old. They may have dragons' wits, but Salama… T.co

Feb 13 2017

We're looking for volunteers to help at PAX East! If you're in Boston and want to join us for a day, let us know at… T.co

Feb 10 2017

There's a quick hotfix out to tweak our new AI. Apparently AI 2.0 was a little too tough? *Cough*Pansies*Cough* T.co

Feb 9 2017

Swen was reading through the AI 2.0 Patch thread on our forums and dropped some news on what's coming next:… T.co

Feb 8 2017

Blackwood's Bestiary -#139- In the elven forests you will find stags in organic armour. Is this elven craftsmanship… T.co

Feb 7 2017

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  • colper89 colper89

    The amount of DLC this game can have.
    The actual slogan the game can be (the unofficial slogan, legal issues otherwise) "DLC: By player, for players".
    RPG has never been so modern and so compatible with other platforms, hopefully this game gets content by the visionaries.

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  • KnightofEquulei KnightofEquulei

    The toolset for this game should be sweet. I can't wait to try it out. Of course, that'll be way after I play through this game. I loved Divine Divinity and thought Divinity 2 was a solid installment in the series. Judging by Dragon Commander, larian still haven't lost their touch.

    2 +