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DMC: Devil May Cry

Capcom Aims to Speed Up Game Development Times


More Dante than you could ever dream of, coming soon!

People Threatened To Kill Ninja Theory Over DMC


Yay death threats.

Devil May Cry Gets an HD Collection in 2012

devil may cry thumb

The first three games are being updated from 10-year-old hardware to five-year-old hardware. Lucky us.

Screen Gems Picks Up Film Rights for Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry became more marketable as a film as soon as the first images from the totally emo reboot…

Devil May Cry E3 Trailer


Let’s see this bitchn motion, shall we?

New DMC is Like Casino Royale


And by that I mean to say that the new hipster Dante is like Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

Capcom Reveals DMC and a Brand New Dante


Capcom has announced a brand new Devil May Cry game, titled DMC. It’s very different, and the new look for Dante is raising hackles among fans of the series.

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DMC: Devil May Cry at a Glance