Doom III: Resurrection of Evil

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Two years after the incident on Mars, research has resumed, led by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil. Once more, strange occurrences haunt the facility. A search team breaks into a chamber deep within Mars, finding the Artifact — a weapon from Hell that the Ancients sealed away long ago. The lead Marine, upon touching the Artifact, awakens it, the blast wave killing his team and reaching into Hell, alerting the Maledict (Dr. Betruger’s new form). The Maledict sends the three Hunters to retrieve the Artifact. Meanwhile, Hell begins to invade Mars once again.

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  • Ladderman Ladderman


    I am looking for a mod for this great game.The game plays fine,apart from when i use the grabber.Please see the link for the graphic problem:-

    It makes the game unplayable for me,which is a shame.

    If i use graphics drivers below catalyst 12.8 i don't get this problem.But i do get a whole load of other problems(steam,etc).

    Can anybody help me out.Thanks for looking.


  • DarkStarAngelo DarkStarAngelo

    Shortest, yet one of the most enjoyable campaigns a Doom fan can play :D

    2 +
  • ice_trey ice_trey

    i really enjoyed it, dont understand the skeptical voices, its more DooM3 goodies for us fanatics :p

    2 +