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Doom 3

5 HD Graphics Mods You Must Try


Love sweet graphics? Start downloading.

id Will Release Doom 3 Source Code This Year


Oh goodie!

The Bullet-Riddled History of ID Software (Infographic)


ID’s entire history distilled into a convenient infographic.

Doom 3 Mod — The Dark Mod


You got your Thief in my Doom.

Hexen: Edge Of Chaos Gets Its Magic In Your Doom III


It really should have been called Hexen: Premodern Warfare.

Wow; A Modern Warfare-Based Doom Mod

Doom Warfare

No seriously. Someone took Doom and turned it into Modern Warfare. This is nuts. N-V-T-S nuts!

The Open File: Files from the Front December 12, 2008

After a renewed start we had an interruption these last few weeks but rest assured Filefront is still hosting and…

Doom 3 Last Man Standing Coop Mod v.4.0

The final version of the Doom 3: Last man Standing Mod is now available. This mod brings the heart pounding…

The Open File: Files from the Front October 26, 2007

Its been a few weeks since we had an Open File installment but things are still happening on the many…

Get Physical at E for All Show with Pre-Release of Revolutionary 3rd Spaceā„¢ FPS Vest

TN Games is pulling out the stops at E for all, introducing its innovative 3rd Space FPS Vest and its…

The Open File – Files from the Front: September 29, 2007

Another week, another visit to The Open File, our weekly highlight of’s hosted content. Each week we look at…

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Doom 3 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: id Software
  • Publisher: Activision Inc.
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: August 3, 2004