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You’ve come here for a reason. The Union Aerospace Corporation’s massive research facility on Mars is overwhelmed by fierce and powerful demons, and only one person stands between their world and ours. As the lone DOOM Marine, you’ve been activated to do one thing – kill them all.

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RT @DOOM: Ultra-Nightmare is just like life, but at least you know upfront that you’re going to Hell

9hours ago

RT @DOOM: The Hell Guard is composed of a parasite housed within a keratin exoskeleton. #DOOM

Jan 19 2018

RT @DOOM: sure there's some Hell portals and dead scientists, but the UAC's vending machine tacos were pretty legit

Jan 18 2018

RT @DOOM: Knuckle-deep in a glory kill. #DOOM Slayer fan art by terriblelizard.

Jan 17 2018

RT @DOOM: I know when that hotline bling

Jan 16 2018

RT @DOOM: Barons of Hell are large, powerful, and generate energy fireballs to attack against enemies. #DOOM

Jan 16 2018

RT @DOOM: the next time you beat a level in DOOM clap really loud for 10 seconds and don't explain yourself to anyone

Jan 14 2018

RT @DOOM: Some #DOOM 64 Nintendo Power goodness for your #FlashbackFriday, thanks to @longie_long

Jan 12 2018

RT @DOOM: @Nittomata done

Jan 11 2018

RT @DOOM: Know Your Demons: With a cortical bone plate that covers their face, the Pinky will utilize it as a battering ram a…

Jan 10 2018

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  • MalfistheMerciless MalfistheMerciless

    This game is definitely a sequel:

    It also sets up a multiverse that ties all the games together.

  • Doomguy‪ Doomguy‪

    I'm sorry but Doom 2016 is casualized and consolized **** compared to the first two games. I am very likely to get downvoted for this but I don't care, besides none of the original ID Software members were even involved with making this game, and ID was just another guise of greedy backstabbing Bethesda and Zenimax who sued and unfairly won the Occulus Rift "case", and are making people pay for mods for their games. It doesn't support mods AT ALL, and has a ****** limited map editor. It is the first Doom to be made for consoles first, and it has ****** and goofy demon designs, the cyberdemon looks like a golum with moose antlers. If you downvote me you obviously go against what this site is even for. It gets horribly linear and slaughterfesty towards the end, the map design is very linear, and the monsters act like a pinata of health and ammo which takes away any strategy, and finishers are very cheap and were only put in because they were in Bethesda games such as Skyrim. There is also a checkpoint system *facepalm*.

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  • darkelf1 darkelf1

    love this game....

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    Id Software: *releases a trailer of snapmap THEN ******* BUILD ONE!!!

    I dunno, but that like give them a big "GO **** YOURSELF!". If they ain't gonna release a Singleplayer DLC, then wait for the "SEQUEL". When I say sequel, I mean "DooM II (2016)", just to make things clear.

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    • dibdob dibdob

      "just to make things clear."

      it didn't.

    • Dingshalome Dingshalome

      If only Snapmap wasn't horrifically limited in its capability, we may actually be able to make our own singleplayer TC mods. Oh well.

  • Knez Knez

    Hell i enjoyed this one. Really fits well old and new. Only bad thing that it's somehow not "bloody" enough. Or it could just be me. Great game overall. 8.5/10

    • hypernova101 hypernova101

      If by bloody enough you mean checking your work of art you made with the symphony of slaughter once the dust settles then I agree with you, nothing takes you out of the immersion of demon slaughter like looking at the battle field you just murdered hundreds of demons in just to find it just as clean as when you entered it, no blood splatters no left over demon body parts.. nothing..

    • LOZ_98 LOZ_98

      Not Bloody enough ?, lol i can't imagine how it would look like with more Blood, would probably become as annoying as Brutal Doom .

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