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Doom III

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A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you must fight your way to hell and back against a horde of evil monsters.

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  • An_Unknown_Player An_Unknown_Player

    Ignore the Drama below my comment, Doom 3 is still shiny today, However it shouldn't be called Doom because that totally breaks what Doom should be, Doom needs to be faster & Better combat .

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    • BlueLostsoul BlueLostsoul

      Definitely time to post something new.
      Though, still, if you play aggressively, you will have very good combat. - No cover, no ADS. The only thing it lacks - cleverer and better animated enemies.
      As for me, it's on par to new Doom.(I'm sorry to old fans, but never could digest 2.5D, may be only with soundtrack of Hodges)

      • An_Unknown_Player An_Unknown_Player

        I guess those changes (speed and enemies design) were necessary for scare factor to work .

  • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis


    alright just shut up i will change my new project i am working on right now i will re code the mod and code with c++ so that you all understand how that works i don't want to here anymore comments about my so called fake work its amazing that i have code in something that you all use everyday i just wanted to change the way we play and code pc games but it looks like it is not going to happen so i was going to release my new language and software's to code with but i am not because you all are not that smart to understand it so for here on out i am making nothing crazy but i am coding with c++ that's all so i don't want to here anymore hated comments that way on release you all can at least understand it and now it works happy moding .... and yes i now how to code in c++ i just did not want to use it but that's okay because if it shuts you all up i will do it like all you modders do it so no more hate or saying i'm fake i will also release the source code that way you all can look at it and do some tests so happy modding everybody leave me to work :")

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    • punk0x29a punk0x29a

      Also, again, you're escaping from the reality into your imaginary world.

      Please, make a tutorial on your "programming language" basics.
      How does your programming language works? How to write "hello world", how to do simple math in it? How to do loops and recursion?

      Do it. Do it, I dare you.

      If you'll do it and it'll work, I'll happily admit that I was wrong about you.

      If you'll recode everything in C++, however, and you will not do your tutorials, you'll be as fake as it gets.

      Come on, oh master, oh sensei, teach me your "programming language". Do it. Do it now.

      Or just escape to your imaginary fake world and pretend it never happened.

      Good luck with that.

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    • punk0x29a punk0x29a

      1) You'll certainly get banned very soon for this post. Calling everyone an idiot on the main discussion board is a bad, bad idea.

      2) You should get banned for cluttering discussion with lenghty posts lacking punctuation. AFAIK it got you banned on few different platforms already and you seem not to learn from your mistakes.

      3) Your language - even if it works - is terrible. It's impossible to read, impossible to understand and impossible to reason about.

      Great programmers write their code in a way that even a child can understand it because:

      - It's easier to maintain
      - It's easier to understand
      - It's easier to reason about
      - It's easier to expand and refine
      - It's easier to debug
      - It's easier to test
      - It's easier to decouple business logic from presentation logic
      - It's easier to make other people work on the project
      - It's easier to do anything with such a code, in fact...

      Managing complexity is the major task of every programmer. You probably haven't even heard about it. And yes, you should get banned for it.

      Code of ingenious programmers can be read and understood by a 5-year olds. It's hard to write understandable code. It's easy to write cluttered mess that everyone is scratching their heads about.
      Code quality should be measured in WTFs per minute.
      The less - the better.

      You should also get banned for:

      - Making fake reviews
      - Uploading fake content
      - Offending everyone
      - And lack of punctuation
      - And not keeping up with modern software engineering, regardless of the programming language you're using

      P.S. Seriously, please seek medical attention. Seriously, seriously, seriously. You can get out of your situation. It's never too late.

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      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis

        says the guy that say to me to go f*ck yourself yeah i don't have nothing to prove to you no comment

        punk0x29a Aug 14 2016

        Yeah... Why you gave me and VGames 1-point "reviews" then, mr. Christian that don't see a point in writing mean stuff about other people's work?

        We, unlike you, make real mods that folks can actually play, and we put a lot of real work into them. We spend countless hours making sure about our mods quality and we respond to feedback and criticism from community, instead of deleting negative comments.

        You are a hipocrite, sir. Worst of the kind.

        And your so called "review" (links two posts below) is really tampering with my mod's rating, as it's not as popular as PD3. Congratulations on that.
        While I don't care that much about it, as my mod has small, but steady fanbase that enjoy it and I'm very much fond of them, you're hurting the community with your reckless, unfair, foul actions.

        Please correct it, or please go **** yourself.

        Sincerely yours

        so yeah

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      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis


        how about this lets be friends i am sorry for anything i have done that made you made

        what do you say lets start over i am posting no more hate comments if you do though i will just ignore

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      • punk0x29a punk0x29a

        First of all, I DID NOT told you to go **** yourself.

        I told you to correct your mistake (that is your fake review) OR go **** yourself. That's the difference, you see?

        If you have corrected your mistake, you should have no reason to be offended.

        Will you make a tutorial on how to write "hello world" application in Eiion Language?
        Will you make a tutorial on how to do loops and recursion in Eiion language?
        Why you are not using punctuation?

        If you'll do requested tutorials on Eiion Programming Language we will be friends and I will support you.

        If you'll tell me why you're not using any punctuation, we will be friends and I'll support you.

        Just do it.

        4 +
      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis

        the punctuation part

        i did not now it was suppost to do it on here but i guess i have to here so when i comment i will punctuate thanks

        and one more thing i have to confess i know only the script part of my eiion language because that's all i have built for it and i only built a scripts because i think that doom 3 with the lighting and shadows and other things with scripts i can make them look better without using the doom 3 custom autoexe.cfg or the doom 3.cfg but i still use them its just i don't tweak them at all mabe just the 1920 1080 part but that's it.. i do now a little about my eiion language but i am still making it i am just building the libarays to use in my projects that's all so (all my mods are advance scripting that's all its amazing what you can change in doom 3 with some advance scripting now you all know what i know and what to expect in my mods that i release thanks

        and next comment i will type correctly thanks....

        and one more thing you and Vgames made me want to code better and of course Recezy also helped me out when you guys were not in my life at the time so yeah....

        -2 +
      • punk0x29a punk0x29a


        I want a tutorial on Eiion Language with examples that everyone can try out for themselves.
        I want to know how to use it.
        I want to know how to apply it to the game.
        I want to see results and effects.

        Let me know once the tutorial is done and posted.

        Also, keep your word about punctuation. No more stuff like ROMANSDIDNOTUSEDPUNCTUATIONTOO.

        3 +
      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis

        I will show you how i mod my scripts that's all in a video.

        and show you the effects that it makes in game okay that's all nothing else.

        and when my video is released no hate i don't want that.

        and if the coding works and changes the game then please do respect me for now on and support me and quit with this mean comments.

        -2 +
      • punk0x29a punk0x29a

        I want a tutorial on Eiion Language describing how to:

        - Make a variable with a number inside
        - Add value to that number in a loop
        - And print the final result in the console

        You see this link?

        I want to know how to do exactly the same thing in Eiion Language and I want to try it out and see if it works.

        5 +
      • punk0x29a punk0x29a

        I want tutorial in WRITTEN form.
        No video.
        I want an article.
        I want you to describe how to setup compiler/interpreter for the language you made up, what are the basics of your language, and how to do recursion and loops in your language.
        No video.
        Written form.

        And you're still not using punctuation. You better use it in your tutorial...

        5 +
      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis

        you know if i have to do all these things for you to support me and be my friend then now i am not used for a supporter or friend
        i am not doing all you want

        if you hate me that's okay because there's thousands of people out there that would be glad to support me and be my friend i don't ow you a thing leave your hate comments out of my pages if you comment them i will just delete them so whats the point of it anyway

        happy life no comment further punk0x29a

        -3 +
      • punk0x29a punk0x29a

        All right, eiion_ceo.

        It is my last post to you, so please, read this carefully.

        I'll be as direct with you as possible, and I'm very serious. I don't want to offend you. I want to help you, as much as a random guy from the net can help a person like yourself.

        You are suffering schizophrenia and paranoid delusions.
        You are showing all of the symptoms.

        If you won't start healing yourself soon, your condition can get even worse. The sooner you start medical treatment, the better.

        I wanted to show you that all of the things you're doing - your mods, 4k textures, your programming language - are the result of your condition.

        If you'd do a tutorial as I asked you, you'd see that none of the things you have done work.

        None of the things you've done are real.

        It's all just your imagination.

        If you'd do a tutorial that other people could follow, you'd see that neither your mods, your "technologies", or your programming languages work. None of them.

        So please, feel free to do a tutorial as I asked you - for yourself. You don't even need to post it.

        Just do it for yourself.

        Open your eyes.

        If you can, please let someone close to you - like a family member or someone who take cares of you - to read this post.

        Talk with people close to you about it. Ask them on their opinion.


        Over and out.

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      • cyber_genuis cyber_genuis

        doom 3 opcullions modv.1 full version released in 27 min here at please do give some feedback thanks

        -4 +