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Video Games: The Intersection of Story and Simplicity


In the beginning was the pixel. While there may have been another, earlier beginning that involved a command line (and…

Doom Needs To Prove Itself, Says Bethesda


Doom has always been one of the most recognizable gaming franchises, even if Doom 3 didn’t really impress fans that…

Doom Beta To Require Xbox Live Gold, Not PS Plus


An Xbox Live Gold membership will be required to access Bethesda’s Doom beta on Xbox One. Bethesda revealed this information…

Resident Evil + Doom = The Mercenaries Mod


Batman, Sonic, Mario, the Ghostbusters… we’ve seen all of them and many more modded into Doom over the years, but…

John Carmack On Doom 4, id Software, & Quake Live: Full Of Regret

Ultimate Doom Poster 140x

In honor of Doom’s 20th birthday, Wired Game|Life just posted a fantastic three-page interview with John Carmack. The former id…

HorrorScope Halloween: Doom – 23 Mods For Your Circle Of Hell


This is part two of our massive two-part retrospective of DOOM, to commemorate its 20 year anniversary this year. Check…

HorrorScope Halloween: Doom At 20 – Guns, Gore & Good Times


This is Part one of our massive two-part retrospective on DOOM, to celebrate its 20 year anniversary this year. Check…

‘DOOM: Scarkydarkfast’ — The Rise of the FPS

scarydarkfast thumb

We take a look at the book “DOOM: Scarydarkfast,” an analysis of the classic FPS’ impact on the genre and video games in general.

Watch All QuakeCon 2013 Panels Streaming Right Here


Here’s the full schedule of events at QuakeCon 2013.

Game Front Is Going To QuakeCon (Again)


Next week in lovely Dallas, Texas, the world’s largest LAN party/amazing PC case mods showcase returns with another installment of…

Mod Men: Doom 2′s ‘Brutal Doom’ Mod (VIDEO)

brutal doom thumb

James, Mitch and Zach fight demons and get covered in blood in Brutal Doom.

Brutal Doom: Gore and Violence Taken to the Extreme


Brutal Doom is more Doom with a refreshing blood-and-giblets flavor.

DOOM’s “Classics” Arrive on PSN


Let’s try to get Quake next.

Designers Brathwaite and Hall Cancel Kickstarter Campaign

shaker thumb

Sounds like they’ll be back, though.

Doom 3: BFG Edition’s Launch Trailer Sends You Back to Hell

doom 3 bfg thumb

Time to kill many evil things.

Game Front “Doom” Caption Contest — Win A GF T-Shirt!


Retro caption contest of the original Doom cover art.

DOOM 3 BFG Edition Gets Release Date


Click on to find out when!

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Hates Video Games


Because it wouldn’t be 2011 without someone complaining about them.

Retro Rewind: Doom

retro rewind 2

Gee mom, I don’t know what “BFG” stands for…

10 Awesomely Weird Doom Mods


You won’t believe your eyes!

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