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Dragon Age: Inquisition | Game Front

Half-Hour of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage Leaked


Oh, hey there 30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay footage. Don’t you look pretty. Evidently BioWare was at the…

Dragon Age: Inquisition: The New (Open) World

dragon age inquisition qunari thumb

PC Gamer just published a preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it seems like the latest from BioWare is on…

Watch This Live Demonstration of Dragon Age: Inquisition


This live demonstration of Dragon Age: Inquisition contains details about the game’s combat, environments, and more.

BioWare Confirms Playable Qunari in Dragon Age: Inquisition

dragon age inquisition qunari thumb

Finally, you can be a huge horned demon-looking man or woman.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Vast World, Story Details, Playable Qunari

DAI Inquisitor and Followers 592 thumb

Though it’s too early to judge yet, BioWare seems to have taken the lessons of 2012 to heart and made a game that long-time fans will love.

Romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Be Reactive, Realistic


Personal relationships and romances will be more reactive and realistic in DA: Inquisition.

Customize Your DA: Inquisition Save WIth Dragon Age Keep


Dragon Age Keep lets you import a customized save into DA: Inquisition.

Guess Who’s Going To PAX Prime? (HINT: It’s Game Front)


Spoiler alert: PAX Prime starts this week in beautiful, scenic Seattle, Washington. From Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2,…

Here’s What A Baby Dragon Looks Like In Dragon Age: Inquisition


Baby dragons and nugs.

Gamescom 2013: Fresh Details on Dragon Age: Inquisition


Bioware didn’t make the trip to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2013, but the studio did send along a new developer…

BioWare On DAI: ‘We Want to Get Back in Touch With our Fans’


“We look to a future… where the player has more agency.” Those words, spoken by one BioWare developer working on…

Finally, Dragon Age 3 Details: Open-World, Dialog Choices, & More


Dragon Age: Inquisition will be the biggest game in the series yet.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is not a Direct Sequel to DA2


Dragon Age: Inquisition drops the number three.

EA Press Conference: Mirror’s Edge 2, New Star Wars Battlefront


A live-blog/news round-up of the Electronic Arts press conference at E3.

BioWare: Female Leads Must Become Financially Viable


In order for the industry to embrace them.

BioWare: Dragon Age 3 and Next Mass Effect Powered By Frostbite 3


BioWare’s upcoming RPGs will be powered by Frostbite 3.

BioWare Sticking with Frostbite 2


ME4, DA3, and beyond.

Dragon Age Origins And DA2 Promo Items Now Free

Dragon-Age-Origins thumb


BioWare Drawing From Skyrim For Dragon Age 3?


Huh, maybe it’s not all bad after all.

Dragon Age 3 Likely Out For Next Gen Consoles Only

Dragon-Age-Origins thumb

So sayeth Superannuation.

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