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Dragon Age: Origins, (previously known as Dragon Age), is a computer role-playing game currently in development by BioWare's Edmonton studio. BioWare has announced that the game will be released for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in late 2009.

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  • Dzev Dzev

    Thats stupid to criticize a D&D-oldschool RPG to have this game mechanics, not another. It's like to critisize a shooter to be shooter.
    Anyway in these games, like Dragon Age is a great focus on story, characters, conversations, customization, nonlinearity, moral chooses, tacktics, etc.
    At this point this is a true RPG, not a shooter with conversations.

    If the point is <where a game like DAO with TES combat>, there is no answer for me...

    2 +
  • Rangarok199 Rangarok199

    somebody really needs to edit this

    3 +
  • KnightofEquulei KnightofEquulei

    I guess the game still hasn't been released. They've already released DA2 but not the first? Ha ha ha. Someone really needs to update this page...

    6 +


    this game is overrated.

    -25 +
  • Mavis130 Mavis130

    Wow this apparently wasn't released yet...

    8 +

    there HAS to be more mods people put on. Theres a dragon age site with tons of downloads.. I would like to see some of those downloads here.

    11 +
  • Conchobhar Conchobhar


    -1 +
    • feillyne feillyne Staff Subscriber

      kut2thachase, just leave him alone. :-) There's Savage 2 for you, I'd play it instead of planning to buy Dragon Age if I were you. (That's why S2 is so awesome. "Swing and click", and "looking with mouse" is much more entertaining than choosing abilities/powers and watching your characters to do the job instead. ;-))

      @Feared, you first started to insult kut2thachase calling him a fool, that's all. So don't talk ******** and be polite or die. Harsh words for harsh people.
      A polite criticism or no criticism at all. Learn to support your talk with arguments instead of bashing anybody who doesn't like the game you like (or will like).

      3 +
      • feillyne feillyne Staff Subscriber

        "You look like a fool, have you even bothered playing the game further than a few steps?"
        The words of Feared. It's him who first started to insult.

        Haha, give me negative Karma, give. There will be a response, you know.
        That's how to get involved in a discussion with anybody who disagrees.

        And comments aren't just for "WoW!" "Epic!" "What an awesome game!" "Nice"!

        4 +
      • Conchobhar Conchobhar

        I gave you positive Karma =)

        7 +