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Drift City

In the near future, the world’s industrial infrastructure has been severely hampered by global shortages of oil. With the slowing pace of business and progress, all eyes are on a remote island, where an amazing new natural resource has been discovered: Mittron. The OMD government, the managing body of Mittron Island, is eager to form agreements with the rest of the world for sharing the Mittron technology. However, a terrible threat to the world’s new progress has surfaced. Mysterious cars called HUVs have begun to terrorize the streets of Mittron Island, disrupting the normal ebb and flow of society. The sheer volume of HUV-related incidents occupies so much of the OMD government’s resources that professional drivers have been called to Mittron Island to help bring the HUVs to justice.

As a new OMD Driver, itï’s your duty to expertly carry out missions assigned to you by the OMD government � from chasing down the heinous HUVs to delivering doughnuts and smoking other drivers in the Battle Zone. Only your cunning and skills as a driver will determine your success on Mittron Island!


- Customized Unique Cars. From distinctive paint colors to after-market dressing such as wings, players can create a car to reflect their own unique style. And with a Drift City ‘Sticker,’ drivers can even upload their own pictures and create a car design that is even more exclusive. Nothing compares to Stickers for a players to express their originality and creativity as they add their own images to show off to their Crew.

- Multiple Game Modes. Drift City has a diverse offering of both single-player and multi-player racing that is sure to appeal to everyone’s preferred style. OMD drivers can choose from team vs. team, crew vs. crew and even practice battle to increase knowledge and skills of each track. They can also hit the Channel Battle to show their Crew’s driving skills and the chance to increase their territory.

- Intense Drifting. The game isn’t called “Drift City” for nothin’. Every battle features intense drifting that can vary during the gaming experience due to the player’s level, type of car and modifications on the vehicle. Mittron Islanders are building and improving their skills to become the best of the best Drifters.

- Unmatched Spectating Mode. Drift City provides a ‘Spectating Mode’ that allows the players to view the game just as if you were watching a NASCAR on ESPN. When the Channel Battle takes place, the intensity of watching each race through the ‘Spectating Mode’ is unmatched by any other ‘Spectating Mode’ experience.

- Complete Online Game Experience – For Free. Drift City is a free-to-play multiplayer online game, but some customization elements require the player to buy them.

Drift City at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: RACING
  • Developer: NHN Games
  • Publisher: NHN USA
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: September 05, 2007