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Driver: Parallel Lines

Atari has announced that Reflections Interactive, an internal studio of Atari and developer of the previous Driver games and Stuntman, is currently working on an as-of-yet unnamed Driver sequel. The game is scheduled for release on the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in early 2006.

After starting out in San Francisco, taking a detour to Miami, and ending up in Istanbul (not Constantinople), the Driver series will be headed to the Big Apple. While Atari is being purposefully tight-lipped about the game, the company has revealed that this newest installment in the action-oriented racer will feature open-ended missions and online play.

At the core of this new Driver game will be the car chases that made the series famous. Atari insists this new game will be more like the original, which could mean Reflections Interactive has canned the widely criticized on-foot action that made the previous installment of the game infamous.

Driver: Parallel Lines at a Glance