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Duke Nukem Forever

Aftershock: The Duke Nukem Forever Backlash


Calm down, y’all.

Friday Flame Wars – Duke Nukem Forever: Cool Throwback or Fail to the King?

duke nukem thumb

Is Duke really a jerk, or just misunderstood? Let us know why everyone who disagrees with you is a moron.

Duke Nukem Forever’s Hilarious Jet Glitch


I wish I had discovered this.

Duke Nukem Forever Cheats


One assumes that Duke LOVES cheating, especially if it’s on a woman.

Duke Nukem Forever Review

duke nukem

It’s here and it’s real. But is it any good?

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough


Become the Dukemaster.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Hands-On Preview

duke nukem plan thumb

Duke’s new demo is a bit underwhelming, and feels rooted way in the past — but not in a good way.

Duke Nukem Forever Trophies


Check out Duke’s diadems.

Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer


I’d still hit it.

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford: Reviewers Who Don’t Like Duke Nukem Forever Will Be “Held Accountable”


Don’t make him sic the internet on you!

GameStop Accepting Duke Nukem Forever Preorders From Clinton Presidency

duke nukem thumb

You held onto that receipt, right?

There is a Duke Nukem Forever App, and It Says Lots of Duke-isms

duke nukem app thumb

Now you can hear Duke’s voice wherever you go. If that’s something you wanted.

EVGA Offers Up “Duke’s Fully Loaded Package” Promo


Get Duke Nukem Forever and a video card to run it on.

Duke Nukem Forever Goes Gold


In others news, pigs just flew by my window.

The Autopsy of a Duke Nukem Victim (VIDEO)

duke autopsy

This is where you learn about all the different horrible things Duke does to aliens.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Coming June 3 to Borderlands GOTY Owners (TRAILER)

duke nukem thumb

You’ll need to be a member of the “First Access Club” to get in on it, though.

Free OnLive Console When You Preorder Duke Nukem Forever

duke nukem big guy thumb

A $100 value!

Duke Nukem Forever Achievements


Duke’s back, baby!

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Coming Very Very Soon?

duke nukem big guy thumb

Signs point to yes.

Duke Nukem Forever Might Have an iPhone App

duke nukem thumb

Could we soon see another small-scale version of ass-kicking and gum-chewing?

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Duke Nukem Forever at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: 3D Realms
  • Publisher: 3D Realms
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: May 6, 2011