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Dungeon Siege combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and non-stop action. Dungeon Siege plunges you into a continuous 3D fantasy world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed. Dungeon Siege is a RPG set in the "Kindom of Ehb" in a medieval type timeframe, similar to games like Diablo. It was created as a highly modable game, and released with an indepth Game Editor, as well as a 3D modelling program. There are a large number of mods in production for the game, extending and pushing its brilliant immersive gameplay to the edge.

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  • RedeemerEngaged RedeemerEngaged

    Good game, amazing multiplayer map when playing with mods. What is very fun is that this game has a shitload of spells (especially with its expansion) and there are very diverse (buffs, party buffs, curses, summonings, transform/morph, area, healing, orbs, traps etc.). Higher lvl spells also actually look alot more powerfull, e.g. at lvl 66 as a combat mage you can cast a spell that shoots one meteor from the sky, at lvl 102 a spell that casts 4 meteors and its effect fills the whole screen (really that spell is sick :O). Not the lame fireball that looks always the same whether it is lvl 1 or lvl 100 you have in most other games. Recommended mods next to the expansion:
    - Legends of Utrae
    - Dungeon Siege Revived
    - Unlimited summonings mod if your alone and play on hard
    - xp mod for when you are higher lvl (diminishing returns of xp is a bit too high at later lvls)
    - there is also a party mod for mp (forgot the name, but should not be to hard to find)

    The beginning can be a bit boring, but once you get acces to higher spells or more party members, the game becomes awesome.

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  • Sofiachan Sofiachan

    childhood right here

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  • jukujupats jukujupats

    what thing i need to download to play full game ? :P and looks awsome! :D

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  • doom44 doom44

    Great game. I enjoy it and still do.

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  • Dulac Dulac

    Back in 2002 the graphics were great to me. Plenty of total conversions for you to play to keep you entertained. Unfortantly, the sequel is unpopular =/. Siegenetwork is down :( , but I run a site called Siegecore at Dulacs.com hosting mods for dungeon siege 1 and 2.

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  • Gloryn Gloryn

    DS and its Expansion is a certinaly new additoin to the rush of constent RPGs that are now flooding the MMO sections. This game is no MMO but its RPG Engine stands alil different in that the biggest thing about this game is that its possible to take your character and form him into anything you desire. No character classes to limit you, no worthless little stat points, nothing. Simply use logic and you're under way to making a Mage, Archer Cleric, Worrior or anything in between. The more you use a Bow, the more ur Dex and Archery goes up. The more you fight Melee, the more your Stregnth and Melee goes up and so on and so forth. Pretty Nice actually and i enjoyed that sort of realism that makes your characters even more unique compared to your cometitors than other games.
    GFX wise the game was sort'a... okay. Yeah it was 3d but the textures are very faded, even under high ressolutions. There was not enough vibrance in colors either, the game seemed sorta... Dull appearing visualy. The particals in my opinion are rather cheap. A little bug explodes and the blood is more like a few poofs of red powder than liquid. and the particals are so few on this animation that there is absolutely no sense of mass in the detial either. This happens to stand for alot of its animations. The sound is alrite, gets sort of annoying tho and u WILL be turning it down or off eventually. The music is catchy at some points but hard to follow in others. My biggest issue with this style game is that its wot i refer to as a LAZY RPG. Its no matter to most but just a term i made for myself. On DS, you simply point and click, or, ... just click. hell u dont even have to micro, u can just macro by having ur mage switch from his battle spell to maybe a healing wind spell with one click, then back again later. things are so automatic and ur party attacks overwhelmingly on their own that i got very bored of its sit back and drool game play VERY quickly. I played the game 3 nights in'a row. Got so bored that i took my main character only n soloed the rest of the game with him til i got to the last level to kill the Boss. I brought the rest of the party in and attacked. sat there ... watching... mindlessly... for about 7 minutes as they hacked on him. corse he rezzes himself and then MORE sensless boring watching hacking. I quickly handed it over to my brother n wlked away. Havnt played the game in 2 yrs aside from turning it on just recently to make a female character with the intention of soloing the whole game on her own...

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  • mamiuxas mamiuxas

    we ar the winers of eueowizion

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