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Emil Chronicle Online

ECO game world is a vividly constructed dreamland with all animated figures based on MMORPG concept.

Emil being the human race which is full of creativity and curiosity; Titanians being the angelic race which possesses wings in white color and golden circlet; whereas Dominions being the mischievous demon race owns a pair of black wings and long tail. All these 3 races are now settled on the Acronia continent and start venture their ambitious adventures in the fantasy land where miracles happen as norm of life.

Designed by the well known Japanese BROCCOLI, these adorable characters will surely broaden up your visual experience and stimulate your anxiety onto this fun-packed thrilling game of ECO-system.

In additions, a newly programmed “Infuse System” which enables characters to instill their soul onto their weapon and gain intensive experience when fighting, this feature is foreseeable to hype up the gamers with brand new understanding of gaming.

Other than that, adding thrill to the game fever is that the “Mobile Puppet System” which game character could evolve to become a puppet and keep participate in the game world even if players log out from the game. All these fascinating new features can definitely offer all gamers a new game playing perception of virtual reality.

Emil Chronicle Online at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: MMO
  • Developer: Gravity Corp.
  • Publisher: RunUP