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Evil Days of Luckless John

Evil Days of Luckless John is a remarkable mix of adventure, arcade shooter and amusing fighting. The game is based on comics, cartoon and humorous action scenes which are integrated in a suitable manner into the overall intricate story.

The attractive but rather luckless young hero of the game gets into a scrap. But he’s a hard nuck to crack, and a series of misfortunes turns into jolly and sometimes exreme adventures. Features:


* Quaint mix of action, fighting and adventure genres with eccentric parody elements.
* Humorous non-linear plot.
* Comics type stylisation of graphic part of the game.
* Completely 3d graphical performance.
* Original characters with distinctive facial features in cartoon and caricature style.
* About 30 various locations from factory, museum, farm till prison, cemetery and even canalization.
* “Dense population” includes 26 active NPCs and about 10 animals.
* More than 15 cut-scenes in the best traditions of modern comic 3d movies.

Evil Days of Luckless John at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Centauri Production
  • Publisher: Akella