E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy


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After unending war with metastreumonic Force, the powerful organisation Secreta Secretorum that you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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  • craeteeee craeteeee

    can someone create a mod that switches the culter player models to jian?

  • xalener xalener

    I hope this team revisits this franchise at some point.

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  • Sziklamester Sziklamester

    I am wondering why no have mods for this game. The Ai is not the best the feelings are okay but a deeper character customization more maps and stuff would be fine and also some new models. Sad to see this game have a small community because every time i am instal this game and check the multiplayer I am never find peoples whom play this game.

    The developers didn't work on this game anymore and this not so bright for this game.

  • #5Guest Guest

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  • Kaal979 Kaal979

    Wonderful deathmatch implementation -
    finally a really dirty scifi shooter!
    Only disappointment - though the maps
    look great the spawn locations arent
    optimal and also the maps could offer
    more playablity.

  • mmhh200 mmhh200

    Wow it's look like great game

  • #6Guest Guest

    Man, every time I play this I wish it'd take some ideas from Deus Ex: HR...
    On the other hand, I have trouble enjoying DXHR after playing this game.

    Also, are there any custom maps at all for the game right now?

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    wish i had read all the comments before buying it :(

  • klay541 klay541

    1. Fix the missons, I can't complete the mission where I will have to talk to someone in a bar on the second map.
    2. Changing levels, I couldn't get past the first damn level without crashing to do it all over again.
    3. Guns, oh man the guns are terrible you have a large space on the gun selection but only 3 guns in each tab.
    4. Aiming, when I aim using one of the assault weapons the sight of it gets bright preventing me from seeing.
    5. Sniper rifle, pathetic. simply pathetic, why is there fish eye on a scope? I can't see half the time when using it.

    It's a good game overall, I like the hacking. That is all I can say.

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  • 56er 56er

    What this game needs to be "complete"

    1. SDK - self explainning why
    2. More weapons and different ammo types - A secret assasin guild with 3 different AR in stock. Yeah...
    3. Inventory space releated to armor typ. the heavier armor, the more slots you got
    4. You can still move up latters crouched, what brings you more energie back.
    5. Better dialogs - They often seem to be somewhat retarded.
    6. Better mission info system
    7. Redesign of enemy ai - We don't need endless waves of enemies to hunt the player down; We need less hostilies but they have to be smarter.

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    • Mambridge Mambridge

      The game includes a fgd. Which is what you need to make maps.

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    • Skylarkoverthesunset Skylarkoverthesunset

      Yeah, I share some of your sentiments there.

      I would like to see respawns reduced greatly, or at least the option to turn it down further than what's available in the game.

      And as you say, better dialog and mission clarity.

      Game still has plenty of potential. I'd love to see more levels like the one with the green hue, but different colours. Never seen anything quite like that. :)

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