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Fallout 4

Report: Wicked Cool Game Fallout 4 Is Coming To Boston, Kid

Boston Red Sox Fallout 4 140x

The EMP blast from the nukes permanently parks all cars in Harvard Yard.

UPDATE 6! Mystery Site Suggests Fallout 4 Reveal Imminent (HOAX)


UPDATE 6: Last night, Bethesda VP Pete Hines and the folks over at Bethblog finally confirmed what we’ve long suspected…

Bethesda Won’t Have Anything at VGX Awards


Spike VGX [Awards] will be taking place on Saturday, but if you were hoping for an announcement of Fallout 4…

Not For Fallout 4, But Obsidian Wants to Return to Fallout Setting


The makers of Fallout: New Vegas would like to return to the Fallout setting.

Bethesda Seeks ‘Future Generation Console Programmer’ For Unannounced Game


Bethesda has published a listing for a next-gen game programmer for an unannounced game.

Fallout 4 at a Glance