Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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With nuclear apocalypse looming over the world, several vaults were constructed to contain the best and brightest of humanity. By being shielded from the imminent death, the offspring of these people could reclaim and repopulate the Earth. However, before the entire network could be completed, nuclear war broke out. One of the vaults became militaristic and technology-driven. Using their superior weapons, they were able to claim the surrounding wasteland. The members of this vault formed the Brotherhood of Steel, an organization dedicated to unlocking new and better technologies.

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  • #3Guest Guest

    Can't believe I didn't know about this website, tactics is a great game just finished a recent play through and have been trying out Awaken ( an old mod ) really looking forward to trying out Last Vegas and the Enclave mods which look to still be in development!

    Very excited to see there's an active community for such an awesome game.

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  • thearmsmanmaster thearmsmanmaster

    RobertHouse, how do you complete the first mission? Also you really ought to write a walk through.

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  • BrokenVegas BrokenVegas

    Only bad thing about this game is that you cant speak with people like in Fallout&Fallout 2 :(

  • azura135 azura135

    Anyone up for a game of multi? :)

  • KingofCesar KingofCesar

    Also is this a point-and-click

    sorta game because if it is i'll buy it if its not.....

    i'll still buy it lol

  • KingofCesar KingofCesar

    wow is this a strategy game?

    im familiar with fallout but i wanna know


  • jcassano jcassano

    Linux port please?

  • Hang-Lip Hang-Lip


    -4 +