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Fallout is one of the greatest RPG games out there. It's set in the post-nuclear, dangerous world of violence and radiation. The game consists of a very detailed and interesting storyline, tactical turn-based combat, and revolutionary character creation style. You can play Fallout for months, but still it's not boring because of many ways of finishing the game. You can be a bad-ass gangster, or a world-saving hero. This is a must-see for all RPG games fans, and it's undoubtedly one of the best gaming classics. Unique, amazing storyline makes Fallout addicting! The Linux copy uses the classic DOS version.

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  • s_d s_d

    Thy "buy" button is now invitation-only. Why can't we buy this?

  • brashrooster brashrooster

    I have this on CD and Fall Out 2 which I could just run under WINE but I some how feel like I should buy this just because I hate having to go dig out the CD's. Last time I found a on open divorce present from my last wife. Is it worth paying the money to run under Linux with out WINE? How about Fall Out 2? How about that divorce present it was a stack of psp games like StarOcean and Dungeon Siege. The irony is my psp shot craps long before I opened the present. Ok what's the verdict buy this great game when I already own two or three copies and fall out 2 mind you or risk diging out those same cd's and come across another divorce present (oh I know there is one more in there)? How about Fall Out 2 you got that sick puppy coming out for Linux too?

  • twistedmylittlepony twistedmylittlepony

    wow i played this a while back and it was great and now i finally have it to pla y whenever

  • Mr_fish_taco Mr_fish_taco

    I have a bug in game, when I find the water chip and finish talking to the overseer my character dissapears and I cant move or do anything, if anyone has had the same problem and fixed it I would like a solution.

    • benzay benzay

      He doesn't disappear, he's just on the other side of the map. I had the same problem. Just move your cursor to the bottom left, and you'll find him.

  • D3adlyShad0w D3adlyShad0w

    Hmm life in the vault is about to change he said well 1st things i thought of was Amata,Dad,Overseer,....AND RADROACHES!

  • andy1409 andy1409

    and proubly the older ones not the new fallout games try fallout nexus for the new fallout games

  • andy1409 andy1409

    ya mac sucks for games

  • elkanguro elkanguro

    Hi, I have got a Saga Fallout games on DVD (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Trilogy). Is it possible to activate it here on Desura?