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Far Cry 3

Spec Ops, Far Cry 3 and Hating the Player, Not the Game

spec ops white phosphorus thumb

What’s with the trend of games attacking their players in 2012 in an attempt to create meaningful commentary?

Far Cry 3 Mobile App for Multiplayer and Co-op Released


“Far Cry Outpost.”

Hands-On with MSI’s Latest Gaming Laptops: Which One Do You Want?

GT70 Dragon Edition Thumbnail

Which model is right for you?

Far Cry 3: Swartz Mod Compilation


Must-have mod for second playthroughs.

Far Cry 3 Aims at Cliches But Ends Up Criticizing Gamers

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Far Cry 3 wants to make a comment about games but it ends up trashing gamers.

Mitch’s Top 5 of 2012: Characters (VIDEO)

top 5 characters thumb

Mitch runs down his favorite characters to come out of gaming in 2012.

Game Front’s 2012 Arbitrary Awards


Here at Game Front, as at many outlets, we come up with our favorite games in a variety of categories…

Far Cry 3′s New PC Patch Adds DLC Support, Toggles for HUD

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Reduce HUD clutter and objective markers with the latest Far Cry 3 PC patch.

Why Far Cry 3 Fails As Meta-Commentary


Another look at Jeffrey Yohalem’s controversial blockbuster.

How To Write a Game Story (INFOGRAPHIC)

flowchartstory3 small

Everything you need to create your next video game story in one handy chart.

An Interview With Far Cry 3 Writer Jeffrey Yohalem


No tapirs died to bring you this interview.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

Far Cry 3 Patch Will Let You Turn Off UI Elements


Awesome, or so I’ve been told.

Far Cry 3 Review: The Island of Dr. More-Bro


Wading into Ubisoft’s open-world jungle.

Far Cry 3: Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs


Abstergo, genetic memory, and more make an appearance in the spooky labs of Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3: Bioshock Easter Egg [Video]


A man chooses to watch this.

Holiday Giveaway: Win a ROCCAT PC Hardware Package


Get your hands on some sweet new gear, courtesy of ROCCAT and Game Front.

Watch Far Cry 3: PC vs Xbox 360 (Video)

far cry 3 thumb

The results may surprise you.

Nvidia Releases New GeForce 310.70 Beta Drivers


UPDATE The 310.70 drivers are official, WHQL certification and all! Enjoy that 37% performance boost in Far Cry 3.…

“High Tides” Far Cry Co-op Is PS3 Exclusive


Finally, PS3 users don’t have to feel neglected.

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