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Hidden in the towering Himalayas lies Kyrat, a mountainous paradise steeped in tradition and violence... You are Ajay Ghale, a young man returning to the country of your birth in the Himalayas to fulfill your mother’s final wish. She had fled from civil war in Kyrat 25 years ago and has asked you to return to scatter her ashes. What she hasn’t told you is that your family, the Ghales, founded a rebellion that is struggling, fighting a war against a despotic, self-appointed King, Pagan Min As you explore and discover more about Kyrat, you will become involved in the Rebellion and The Golden Path, following your parents’ footsteps. The rebels are willing and able but their leadership is divided and, through your actions, you will begin to make choices which will steer the Golden Path towards the liberation of Kyrat, one way or another...

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  • Cpl. William Cpl. William

    This game is awesome man, just awesome...

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  • Illicit_Misfit Illicit_Misfit

    As much as I played Far Cry 4 for now it just didn't make me as much excited as Far Cry 3... and I am not saying that FC4 isn't good, it's just too much as Dlc then FC4... not many changes... story is ahhh... and I miss Vass... ;(

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  • ☣GenezisO☢ ☣GenezisO☢


    Watch my gameplay please :)

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  • TyXo TyXo

    To change FOV, Aiming settings and many other settings:
    Simply go to: C:\Users*your user*\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4 and open with anything that can open (like notepad or anything) and find the "FOVScaleFactor" and change its value from 1 to any between 1 and 2 (you can add more, but it will be super glitchy)
    You can also find there toggleable options that are not included in the game itself, such as "TreeTessellationLevel" and other smothness settings.

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  • Sgt_Prof Sgt_Prof

    Far cry 3 was so good. Let's expect not a worse sequel !

    4 +
    • nitoomorbo nitoomorbo

      fc3 story and main character sucked bad ... idk what are you talking about ... playing it was cool after you realize enemies cant retake posts ... and ... are they wearing red shirts ??? best camouflage ever ...
      Game was easy ... even on maximum difficulty

      3 +