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Weapons: - Assault rifle fires in singleshots now, not bursts - Shotgun clip changed to 6, and uses the SMG's muzzleflash - Nailgun now uses the assault rifle's muzzleflash - Plasma gun now has 2 shots in it's clip. Also now uses ironsights, no scope. - You can now place upto 20 proximity and remote mines. Gore: - 50/50 chance of an enemy losing his arms/legs, this applys with any gun. Also they cannot be gibbed by the shotgun anymore - Chances of an enemy getting cut in half by a shotgun have increased - 50/50 chance of an enemy getting cut in half when killed by a nade. 90% chance that they'll lose just about everything :p - A good hard kick to an enemy cuts them in half ^_^ Other: - Go into "shellshock" when hit by an explosion. Also slows movement and drains "slomo meter" sometimes - You can now only carry 5 medkits but each heal 80 - Somewhat faster movement

Fear of Change

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