Final Fantasy VII


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Final Fantasy VII is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix), and the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy video game series. It was released in 1997 and is the first numbered Final Fantasy game for the Sony PlayStation video game console and Microsoft Windows-based personal computers; it is also the first to use 3D computer graphics featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. The game's story centers on a group of adventurers as they battle a powerful mega corporation called "Shinra", which is draining the life of the planet to use as an energy source. As the story progresses, conflicts escalate and the world's safety becomes the central concern.

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  • CaptainSuavePrice CaptainSuavePrice

    You guys ever tried FFVII Advent Children ReMod?

  • Kaal979 Kaal979

    I did just download Final Fantasy VII PC remake and found you cant
    play it offline also has it new environment hires textures only - no
    way recommendable! Better find the original PSX ROM elsewhere.

    • zeraxx zeraxx

      can't play offline? pffff
      i always play it offline, what is your problem that make you can't playy it offline?

  • Cloud-VII Cloud-VII

    God, if Square would remake this with their White Engine I would **** bricks!

    3 +
  • RequiemLux RequiemLux

    EPIC..... Final Fantasy VII, the true unforgettable rpg

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  • Death_Octimus Death_Octimus

    recall having the timer saying like 99999 lol what a game!

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  • nose-bLeed nose-bLeed

    i like rpg game like this , very adventure.

  • Dicepheras Dicepheras

    If they remake the game. I think they should incorporate some real time battle maybe even God Of War/Bushido Blade/Colosseum:RTF battle mechanics. I think that would deeper immerse the player in the experience. I'd also like to see the option to leave that out. So if you want to experience the game without straying to much from the original you can have turn based battle as well. I definitely DO NOT want to see the break away to battle screen crap like in the original. I mean even Chrono Trigger had the battles converged in the game play. Without the "Step, step, fight" battle system.

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  • Gurra300 Gurra300

    a remake of this for PS 3 might come due to many FF7 fans wants this game recreated :) according to square enix atleast, if it now will come, this will be one of the best PS 3 games or best game in the world ever :P hope they just wont screw up the orginal battle system they have on FF7, the FF12 and other FF sucks :|

    4 +
  • SurfWaxAlex SurfWaxAlex

    FFVII, I remember buying it the day it came out for PS1, and buying it from toys r' us. lol