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A single-player 2D action RPG. Flare is not a reimplementation of an existing game or engine. It is a tribute to and exploration of the action RPG genre.

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Sep 19 2017

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Sep 9 2017

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  • DocPainkiller DocPainkiller

    Hey, 0.19 build is available. We need update :)

  • iamnan1 iamnan1

    Some might say this is 1995 etc but so far not only in graphics quality does it surpass that but you see things like arrows sticking into walls, falling on the ground, teleport pads, monsters doing stuff they dont even do in the highest MMORPGs today. Im very impressed. Hope I have time to get into the scripts side of this.

  • iamnan1 iamnan1

    Just want to say enjoying the game very much. Some sort of "zoom" feature in window mode and multiplayer would just be brilliant in my humble opinion. Regardless, you reach a full production phase you've got my cash if you ask for it.


    • iamnan1 iamnan1

      PS. The mass of spiders coming out of the trees about caused me to fall off my chair. Take offense and rock everything to death with a sling shot. LOL

  • telwebb telwebb

    I dont have any response - game appears in the menu but wont start

    • iamnan1 iamnan1

      On fedora I had to install a good number of the SDL packages so my suggestion is any package, including 32bit and 64bit, with SDL in its name install them. If you tell the system to install them all it should clean up any conflicts.

      Once I had the SDL packages installed the game works like a charm and its a very cool rogue game. Im enjoying it quite a bit.

      You ever reach a full production etc you've got my cash. One nice feature though might be some sort of zoom, even if fixed, when in window mode.

    • diogoleal diogoleal

      Execute this game via terminal (if you use Linux)

      • Milanium Milanium

        Have a look at Github.com to set the starters up correctly.

      • telwebb telwebb

        Appreciate the reply, but I'm completely new to this enviroment and don't know how to do that (ie what command to use)

      • stephen.lemos stephen.lemos

        search terminal
        then execute this command:


        i think this will solve your problem. It's easy.