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Flip’s Twisted World

In Flip’s Twisted World, Flip – Master Fulcrum’s curious apprentice – messes with a forbidden magic book and gets sucked into an alternate universe. To escape, Flip must use the magic cube companion that rotates the world to reveal new passages from previously obstructed paths, overcoming numerous enemies and obstacles. Adventuring through six bizarre puzzle worlds, such as a celestial backwater, a frozen arctic wasteland and an intricate clock tower in the sky, Flip must collect six magical Chapter Stones to return home, while battling against a ghost from his master’s past.

Players can twist the Wii Remote™ to rotate the colorful worlds 90° at will in Flip’s Twisted World. While advancing through the game, they will collect five magic tools to aid in their quest home and meet strange characters – such as warring slugs and snails, cyclopean cavemen and lava-sailing pirates – who can help or impede their mission. Additionally, players can unlock bonuses and reveal Master Fulcrum’s storied past by discovering pieces of his lost journal along the way. Featuring an original score from video game legend Tommy Tallarico and the voice talent of Anthony Stewart Head, the title is expected to release on Wii this Spring 2010.

Flip's Twisted World at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Wii
  • Developer: Majesco
  • Publisher: Majesco