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A long time ago, the Five Gods of Lais created a world called Roika. In Roika there was an abundance of life in its waters and its lands. The Five Gods brought forth the Human race after creating the plants, animals, and the other races of Roika. The Gods of Lais did not wish to be revered by the humans. They preferred to have a simple and harmonious relationship with them. Roika was truly then a world of peace and balance. After some time, the Gods of Lais decided to leave for another world. In order to preserve the beauty of Roika, the Gods of Lais handed over the land-revolution method and the core part of the revolution-genesis-gear to the kind race of the Dwarves. At the same time, they also created the Comedian-Clown who was able to bring harmony and happiness to the inhabitants of Roika. With that, Roika retained its luster even after the departure of the Five Gods.

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  • johnstar145 johnstar145

    actually why is it 1.83mb only? O.o is it only a patch?

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    • Lopper Lopper

      No its a client which downloads the game

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  • chaosmaster4 chaosmaster4

    I remember playing this! it was not two years ago, on my old pc =D the community was rather childish, but i had an overall positive view over flyff ^^ Only the music... It could kill people!

    • $n!p3r $n!p3r

      ye !!! that song at the mainmenu is so damn "hard" !!!

      2 +
  • Maxen1416 Maxen1416

    lol i never knew that Flyff made it to moddb o_O

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