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FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943

FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943 is a ground-breaking war game uniquely dedicated to the last great German victory in the east. Our carefully researched archival military records put you on that battlefield.

Opposing commanders control battalion and near-brigade strength battle groups locked in a fight to the death. FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943 in-game god-mode camera gives you the ability to zoom into close quarter combat action and observe individual unit combat result battle detail. The enemy is relentless. “Hold what you’ve got!” There will be no retreat. There will be no surrender.

Commanders may choose from two separate campaigns fought in the pivotal Kharkov sector of operations. Campaign one: Soviet Army operations of February 1943. Campaign two: Heer Wehrmacht operations of early March 1943. In addition, commanders may explore a number of training missions. The game is solidly rooted in the proven Graviteam engine. Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 throws you headfirst into the Eastern Front gristmill where Iron Crosses grow and Heroes of the Soviet Union fight. You will be totally immersed in graphic, bloody World War Two battles. Combat infantrymen, tanks & crewmembers have been accurately recreated and rendered in painstaking historical detail, including injury and battle damage. As you relive these historical battles, you will command combined arms forces on a large battlefield while engaging in pitched battle. Life, death, victory, or the shame of defeat hangs by the slender thread of your every decision. The battles for Kharkov in early 1943 altered Soviet and Wehrmacht tactics forever. You will become part of those swirling eventful days of trial by combat judgment.

FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Snowball Studios
  • Publisher: 1C Publishing EU