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The game is a full-scale 4x space strategy, with focus on space ships and space battles. There is interesting economical part, well developed politics, unique science system, etc, but I spend the most of my time working on tactical combat and ship design and I hope I managed to build a well-balanced system when there is no “ultimate ship”. You start the game by selecting the shape of the galaxy, number of stars (it can be a couple of dozens or many hundreds), your race, winning conditions, etc. In the beginning you have one colonised world (your homeworld) and possibly some small fleet of spacecrafts. Then you build ships to explore the galaxy, colonise new worlds, and, certainly, defend your growing empire from enemies. You research new technologies, contact alien races, trade, make alliances or break them, design new ships and throw your fleets to invade territories.

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Audible eXtension for Polaris Sector Explorminate.net via @eXplorminate

Jul 25 2016

RT @Nasarog74: The Audible eXtension for Polaris Sector is coming.

Jul 19 2016

RT @eXplorminate: Most welcome! @shawnroske won @Softwarware's Polaris Sector! T.co

Mar 29 2016

Polaris Sector PC Interview | GameWatcher Gamewatcher.com via @sharethis

Mar 23 2016

RT @eXplorminate: Polaris Sector Giveaway Explorminate.net T.co

Mar 22 2016

RT @FinalBossFight: Dann give Polaris a twiddle! Finalbossfight.co.uk @Iain_Slitherine @Softwarware

Feb 16 2016

The first negative review - from a reputable blogger, unfortunately... Spacesector.com via @spacesector

Feb 13 2016

RT @Iain_Slitherine: Want to design multi decked ship in 4X Space strategy game? You can in Polaris Sector! Youtube.com

Feb 4 2016

Star Wars mod is progressing well! Youtube.com

Feb 1 2016

RT @eXplorminate: @eXplorminate @Softwarware A little feedback for you, sir. Polaris Sector is really good, but with a little more, it could be eXemplary.

Jan 31 2016

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  • thecangry92 thecangry92

    just discoverd this game and loving it also great mod potential hoping to see a stargate or star trek mod soon :)))

  • superman1093 superman1093

    so when are u going to update the game download? Or if there is a new version somewhere that i can download could please give me the link.

    • ufnv ufnv Creator

      I am actively working on a new version, but do not expect it earlier than in two months.

      The game discussion is there - Steamcommunity.com

      Also new beta will be announced there.

      For Russian-speaking community there is also an active forum by this link - www.galaxia-game.com

  • #4Guest Guest

    Awesome space strategy. I personally like the feature of creating asymmetric ship designs, when you can arm one board of cruiser with heavy weaponry and conduct combat in navy-like fashion.
    It was a bit difficult to figure out how do science work, but in the end it made perfect sense.
    There was also slight mixup with planet growth, until I figured out that in addition to specific colony module you need also specific housing built.
    Love bomber tactics when you use lots of fighters to bombard capital size ship, but it's bad you can't reload bombers more that one time.
    Thank you for your efforts, I wish you to make game even better.

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    • ufnv ufnv Creator

      Thanks for the review!

      Planet growth is now fixed - there is no more special colonial modules, but you just need to discover appropriate dome or platform to colonise a planet that needs it.

      To reload bombers more than one time, add more rocket storage units into your carriers, they will reload you bombers when they come back to hangars.

  • Cassiopea Cassiopea

    Strategy of my dream )

  • codekiddy codekiddy

    Hello Vladimir, I'm testing this game for 2 weeks and have a lot to say.
    please tell how can I contact you to share my pluses and minuses about the game.

  • ergie ergie

    Oh, I almost forget. I knew about the game in spacesector.com. There's a post on the forums. There are lots of 4x fans that use that web (me fi). Maybe you could talk the admins to show your work there (I dont know about their politics about this)
    This Project needs more advertisement

    • ufnv ufnv Creator

      Actually, I've sent Adam (the author of reviews for SpaceSector) a link and asked his opinion about the game, but that was in June and unfortunately the version I had that time had some problems running with several monitors installed, so Adam was not able to run it correctly.
      I fixed this, but now it looks like Adam does not want to spend more of his time on the game until it gets some independent recognition...

    • ergie ergie

      nvm, Ive just seen the forum thread in spacesector;
      in Game Development Projects / "Remember Tomorrow" game