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Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game where you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent new game types. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

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RT @steam_games: Daily Deal - Game Dev Tycoon, 60% Off #SteamDailyDeal

Jul 14 2017

RT @TavernKeeper: us: the tavern has walls! we just show them cut-off but they are there! them: yeah, right.

Jun 10 2017

RT @TavernKeeper: Henrietta rushes to get a new keg tapped before the patrons go elsewhere for refreshments.

May 12 2017

It turns out that a game can sell more copies than the platform it runs on: #vindicated #realism #gamedevtycoon

Apr 21 2017

RT @originalwalcor: Info Stats Screen coming along nicely! @GreenheartGames #GameDevTycoon #TagMod #gamedev #indiegame

Apr 11 2017

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  • yellowgamerhat yellowgamerhat

    oh and don't listen to anyone who thinks the game is not re-playable you start out with different topics so every game has a different fail to success rate because of this

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  • yellowgamerhat yellowgamerhat

    so if you are still ify on getting this game i am doing a lets play you can see episode 2 here but i will say i love this game from the lows of going bankrupt to the high of getting a couple million and i say its worth what your paying

  • crazedgunman502 crazedgunman502

    I'm guessing Greenheart Game's favorite shape is the circle? :-)

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  • Molotov98989 Molotov98989

    Here's a thought, just while I start a new game. And I'm sure others have pointed this out too as a potential modification or later addition.

    Why not have the games the player releases, effect the overall success and fall of the video console and gaming industries? You've already taken the liberty of renaming well known brands "Ninvendo" "Micronoft", so why not have the decisions, successes and failures of the player, effect the history of gaming?

    The Sega Dreamcast (can't remember in game alternate name, sorry) could be saved, the nivendo game sphere outlast it's competitors, and the G64 ?(early computer that clashes with PC and dies out) could survive on the successful designs of the player. With new and alternate consoles coming out, different from our own history.

    Just a thought

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  • Molotov98989 Molotov98989

    I've a problem with particle lag, frame rate drops down to 2/3 when 4 or more developers are working on a project. Could just be my system, but I wondered if anyone else was having any similar issues with framerate drop in the late game

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  • Steveo84 Steveo84

    Funny, the name and layout of the graphics are almost identical to Game Dev Story made by Kairosoft and released on smart phones years ago

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