GoldenEye 007

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The name is Bond. James Bond. The famous hero of Ian Fleming's novels returns in this first-person shooter, which is based on the movie of the same name. Agent 007 and his friend Alec Trevalyan (a.k.a. Agent 006) were sent to Soviet Union on a secret mission. But everything goes wrong, James Bond barely escapes, and his friend is presumed dead.

RT @WWECesaro: Downloaded the game about 20 minutes ago... @UpUpDwnDwn @StreetFighter #1stTry #Shoryuken

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Sometimes you just can't win. #MarioKart

8hours ago by nintendoeurope

Sometimes you just can't win. #MarioKart

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Last chance for a dust-up! The final #ARMS Global Testpunch session starts at 20:00 CEST!

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  • Turpow Turpow

    Does anyone know any mod to make the controls easier to use? Otherwise trying to figure out how to play the game on an emulator is really time consuming...

  • Invader4000 Invader4000

    This game is plainly amazing. Hands down.

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  • BigLez BigLez

    Lol it would be funny if someone made an Austin Powers Mod for this.

  • Avoozl Avoozl

    There's a guy who managed to make a PC port of Doom 64, and now he has started work on a port for one of the N64 Turok games, however I wish he would do one for Goldeneye or even Perfect Dark instead but he doesn't show any interest in them despite them being much better FPS games for the Nintendo 64 than Turok, at least imo.

    3 +
  • Dotdroid Dotdroid

    Never knew the game that changed FPSs for ever shared my birthday still awsome today!

    4 +

    Best game I played on N64 along with Doom 64...

    2 +
  • pvt.Johnson pvt.Johnson

    Best game... EVER. seriously.

    7 +

      Well... Perfect Dark topped it in every way.. still awesome

      -4 +
  • Mavis130 Mavis130

    So how is there a level editor for an N64 game? I never knew any computers were able to put in an N64 cartridge...