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Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

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Trailer of GTA 5 in GTA 4 game

Nov 24 2011

Video: The Official Trailer of GTA 5 is available!

Nov 6 2011

GTA 5 Official Trailer is available!!! #gta5 #trailer

Nov 2 2011

RT @gta5tv: GTA 5 Official Trailer #1 - #gta5 #trailer

Oct 27 2011

RT @gta5tv GTA 5 News, Release Date and Hints -

Aug 7 2011

GTA 5 Update: GTA 5 Release Date Confusion #gta5

Feb 22 2011

GTA 5 Update: Eminem Could Be The GTA 5 Star #gta5

Jan 11 2011

GTA 5 Update: New GTA 5 Announcement #gta5

Jan 9 2011

Swedish Retailer lists GTA 5 for pre order

Dec 17 2010

GTA 5 Update: GTA 5 for 2011 is better for Take Two? #gta5

Dec 13 2010

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    While the little kids state that the free updates being made aren't worth the trouble, I think they forgot that at any time Rockstar could charge money for it. Like other companies.. The fury I bet would be amazing.

  • GawainOfDeath GawainOfDeath

    Damn this is awful

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  • Threestepsfromhell Threestepsfromhell

    Can anyone for the love of god create a mammoth tank mod?

    The model for the X66 version from Renegade are everywhere to find.

    Its depressing that there isnt a double barreled tank or a Halo scorpion tank mod for this game.

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  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    Wow... how long where they working on GTA V Online? It looks like they didn't even bother to test it all out. Terrible design decisions for keeping a match going (abrupt restarts when one of the members of the "teams" are killed, and no way to change teams). why even bloody have teams then! why why have unskippable cutscenes in multiplayer? Do they not know what a veto is? When atleast half the players veto a cutscene then it should end.

    They should have designed teams in a way where other groups of matchmaking people can join 'maps in progress' as the other teams, and finish a different objective of that server. If one team dies, it won't end the map instead they will just respawn at the beginning with their main car/truck/motocycle spawned just outside with all the mission related NPC's back to where they where before. If one team finishes their objective (they get credited for it) and they can choose to rejoin the server and play as one of the other teams (if they are still available), then servers only end or do a clean restart when all objectives are completed. A dynamic world and no frustration of abrupt restarts.

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  • Gleb_AA-Gun Gleb_AA-Gun

    Please, someone port the Crazy Drivers Mod from XBOX! Here is the video:

    ( No Not Carmageddon V, that mod is boring).

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  • ArcadePreMan ArcadePreMan

    Finally I can buy this game on my new PC with better performance.