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Grand Theft Auto

Expect the Death of Backward Compatibility Next Year

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You’ll be paying for those games you already own, now and forever.

Why Civillians Can’t Be Killed In Battlefield 3


There’s a very good reason for this.

Boy With A History Of Violence Kills Grandmother With Sword: Halo Blamed


Noel Gallagher was unavailable for comment.

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher: Video Games Did So Cause The London Riot!


Because a crisis just isn’t resolved until a washed up rock star has his say.

OK, Seriously, Grand Theft Auto Did Not Cause The London Riots


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

The Untold Origins Of Grand Theft Auto


Archaeologists of the future will be looting these things out of the ruined skyscrapers of our decayed, buried cities.

Grand Theft Auto at a Glance