Gratuitous Space Battles


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A strategic management game, best described as a sci-fi tower defence game with moving spaceships and configurable units. Design your own ships from a series of hulls+modular components, group the ships into a fleet, give the fleet orders and positions and then watch it engage in OTT gratuitous space battles against enemy fleets.

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Median time played on Production Line is 4 hours 30 minutes. Thats good for an early access game isn't it? Is it? (average 8 hours 46)

55mins ago


11hours ago

Balancing complex games is hard. Making them bug free is also hard. Especially as the only coder/designer person. Hopefully PL is not bad.

16hours ago

Tyre making machines going 'stampy stamp' in Production Line. In Early Access now. $17.99

18hours ago

British web surfers priorities...

20hours ago

Bloody hell this is cool.

22hours ago

Trading cards for Production Line have been submitted to valve, so hopefully coming soon. They are ace :D…

23hours ago

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  • moddlord1 moddlord1

    looks great!

  • pepepotamo74 pepepotamo74

    ****! no linux demo.

    • fearcontrol fearcontrol

      yes, linux demo needed, doesnt make sense for me to buy, unless I know I can get it to work on my crappy system ,)

  • Hideyoshi_Raian Hideyoshi_Raian

    Can anybody upload star wars mod download link in moddb here?
    because mediafire and 2shared is blocked and i have problems with gamefront

    3 +
  • glubbar glubbar

    Nice game, all the DLCs seem to work on Linux as well. Just need a trick first though, got to convert all the BMP and DDS files to JPEG and PNG (this also helps witht he white screen bug).**

    There are still some issues like using registration code to play the campaign in some cases. Other than that the game is fine.

    Is there a way to know which version Desura provides? The latest should be 1.60.

  • sssuperguy sssuperguy

    So I bought the game from GSB's official website, but I can't get a shortcut here for the mods. Help, please?

  • goddessprayer goddessprayer

    I immediately got an segmentation fault, when I run it under linux after the splash screen is shown :-(

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    • glubbar glubbar

      check the Positech forums, there is a linux support section and a topic dealing about this.

  • Firebar Firebar

    Any news on DLC?

    7 +
    • cycyx cycyx

      For the DLC, I made a script to install them in Linux (no Windows nor Wine needed). You can find it on the Positech forum.

      3 +

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