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The year is 2114 and the great war has continued for two hundred years. Shotguns and trench warfare blend with laser rifles and armored mechs as the great powers continue their endless fight over war-torn Europe. Gratuitous Tank Battles is the sequel to indie space strategy game 'Gratuitous Space Battles'. GTB is an RTS/simulation/tower defense hybrid. The player can be the attacker or the stationary defender in a series of large scale real-time battles. Rather than selecting pre-built units like most Tower Defense games, GTB lets the player customise both the composition, and visuals of their units. An integrated map editor and online challenge system ensures a never ending series of battles to fight and enemies to crush. Real-time target and path orders can be given to your units, and the battles include night-time and night vision modes.

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When I was young, I obsessed so much about fast guitar playing, i ignored his hair: I had this on VHS (whole vid)

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RT @OStuffPlus: Production Line [Early Access] - #4 - Local Manufacturing - Let's Play / Gameplay / Construction by @cliffski

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Revamped the research complete dialog in #ProductionLine so its less useless than it used to be...

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...its like TV producers and biz people aren't aware that they are just selling digital files. Sell me boxed sets like I can buy games.

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Someone needs to be the #steam of TV shows before #steam actually becomes it. I suspect they will... eventually.

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May 23 2017

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  • linus2002pop linus2002pop

    CRAZY version 1.012 is in the demo.

  • SteelReign SteelReign

    Preview article on GTB:

    Great game, keep up the good work.

    2 +
  • Pra3t0r5 Pra3t0r5

    WOOOT its in moddb?! awesome, tracking =D

    2 +
  • FlyingMonkey59 FlyingMonkey59

    Well, loved GSB... then you put giant robots in the mix. No real way ill be turning this down, by the look of things...

    2 +
  • mechwarrior24 mechwarrior24

    This looks awesome! It's like GSB... except... except with MECHS! And that means it is automatically the best game ever made. Erm. Ever WILL be made.

    3 +
  • cominu cominu

    Looks great, tracking

    2 +
  • stoopdapoop stoopdapoop

    discovered your blog through a friend. This project looks cool, I'll track.

    3 +