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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Beginner’s Guide


Get this war started right.

Guild Wars 2 Cheats


All is fair in love and Guild Wars.

Iran Blocks World of Warcraft; Guild Wars 2 Next?


Though VPNs circumvent the IP blocks.

Arena Net Posts Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy Stats


And they’re interesting!

Blizzard Schedules WoW Patch For Guild Wars 2 Lauch Date



Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today


Available to those who pre-ordered.

10 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2012


What games do you have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Includes Playable Asura & Sylvari Races


All races will be available for the first time.

Guild Wars 2 Gets a Release Date: Aug. 28 (TRAILER)

guildwars2 thumb

Quick, get your pre-orders in!

Next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend: June 8-11


Pre-purchase for guaranteed access.

PSA: Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Postponed Due To Tech Issues


But they’re working on it.

GameStop Suggests Guild Wars 2 Won’t Release Before July


You’re not the boss of ArenaNet.

Guild Wars 2 Devs Explain how to Keep Your Guild Wars 1 Name


A happy middle ground between retaining all names and freeing up all names.

PSA: Guild Wars 2 Holding Surprise Stress Test On May 14


Start your swords and magic, people.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions


Is the hype justified?

Guild Wars 2 Digital Copies Are Sold Out

guild wars 2 sold out thumb

If you were hoping to get into this weekend’s beta with a pre-order, you might be out of luck.

ArenaNet Has Guild Wars 2 Plans ‘For Years To Come’


So clear your schedule.

PC Sales Up in Q1 2012, Market Shows Worldwide Growth


Despite issues like Thailand flooding doubling hard drive prices.

First Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Coming April 27-29


Only pre-purchases, not pre-orders, are guaranteed entry.

You Can Pre-Order Guild Wars 2, But We Don’t Know When You’ll Get It

guild wars 2 preorder thumb

Sounds like the $150 collector’s edition is already in short supply.

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Guild Wars 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • Publisher: NCSOFT
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen