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The Russian Bear is Stirring. Eastern Europe Just Went Code Red. Strap Into An Apache. You’re The Point Man For WWIII. Russia Nationalism is back with a vengeance.
From the ashes of economic despair into the heart of the former Soviet territories faster than a heat-seeking missile. Eastern Europe? Nothing less than the flashpoint for WWIII. Russian forces amassed on one side. NATO on the other. You? You’re about to deploy the most devastating weapon in the inventory of war: the helicopter gunship. Finesse, raw power, stealth and speed blended in a high-wire balancing act of exact proportions.
In 21st Century War, the fate of the world can turn on one micro-engagement in the epicenter of the action. So fly low. And strike deep.

GunShip at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: COMBAT SIM
  • Developer: Hasbro
  • Publisher: Atari Inc