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Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's début title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

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  • An_Unknown_Player An_Unknown_Player

    Hell, visited this game again using Svencoop after nearly 5 years, so much fun, Glad the modding community is still alive.

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  • BigLez BigLez

    I Wish the Glock 17 had a Attachable/Detachable Silencer as its Secondary Function instead of a useless as hell Automatic Fire.

    Imagine how useful that would've been.

    • Qwertyus Qwertyus

      In fact, HL glock is already works as silenced - you can shoot monsters and if they don't see you, they will not react on wounding by glock. But they react (by moving from dangerous place) if you shoot them with other weapons. Also, low-res glock model HAS the silencer attaching animation (not used in game though).

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    It is laughable. How CoD players, Battlefield players, Far Cry players always try to say that older games like Half-Life aren't worth anything.

    Considering how those series have to make new ones all the time.

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    • OsirisGodoftheDead OsirisGodoftheDead

      half lifes longevity comes from its community which continues to create content almost 20 years after the games release

    • Turpow Turpow

      What? If I understood your message correctly, it's not something about games but about (dumb) gamers...and those existed in the '90s just like they do now. And the same thing will be said about today's CoD or BF by players in the next generation of gaming...

      • Dоuble Dоuble

        If I'm dumb for having a preference to HL, then I'm dumb as f*ck! HL is part love, part nostalgia :D

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    • Ownederd Ownederd

      where did this come from? more importantly, who cares?

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  • ^-^LittleCutieBee^-^ ^-^LittleCutieBee^-^

    I don't know why so much people hate Half-Life, Half Life Maybe looks not really good, BUT, If you play Half Life More even closer, you will enjoy it, Im still 13 years old, and I dont Play much Call Of duty, Gta, And Etc, But i even more liked Half Life, Why? because its really easy to open the game files, such as Wad, Mdl, Bsp, and Spr, Thats what I liked about Half Life, Simple to edit, and A Very Misterious Storyline. :)

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